Psion Ikon Carrying Case Pouch - CH6091

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  • Psion Ikon Carrying Case Pouch.
  • Psion Art.No.: CH6091 "Carry Case Pouch - leather with embossed Ikon logo".
  • Info-Link: Ikon - Pulster FAQ
  • This case comes with a belt clip. So it can be used as simple protective pouch or as belt-case.
  • A magnetic closing allows easy one-hand-access to the unit (for using the Ikon it must me taken out of the case).
  • Mains power plug on the bottom is accessible, so its possible to power/charge the unit while it remains in the case.
  • Differences to Case Pouch CH6090:
    - belt clip is not removable
    - besides power plug also the docking-USB-port is accessible
    - the IKON-symbol is embossed (instead a sticker).
  • What you get: Case Pouch made of Koskin leather incl. belt-clip.
  • Genuine Psion, condition new, in stock, ready to ship.