Psion Ikon rechargeable Battery 5000mAh - CH30XX - new

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Category: Psion Ikon accessories

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  • Psion Ikon rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack - NEW.
  • Psion Art.No.: CH30XX "High Capacity Battery 5000mAh", P/N: 1081236.
  • Info-Link: Ikon - Pulster FAQ
  • One of the most powerful batteries available for mobile data collection units.
  • Charging options:
    1. inside the Ikon unit with plugged power adapter (PS1051-G1),
    2. with desk docking stations (CH4000 and CH4004),
    3. with vehicle chargers (CH3050 and CH1005).
  • Specifications: 3.7V, 5000mAh, 18.5Wh.
  • Genuine Psion, condition NEW.
  • Sorry, sold out.