Psion Workabout PRO - Scanner - WA9002

Item number: -wap-wa9002-

Category: Scanner for Workabout PRO 1,2,3

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  • Psion Workabout PRO - Barcode Laser Scanner extension.
  • Psion Art.No: WA9002-G1 "Scanner 1D SE923/SE955".
  • Easy installation on backplate of Workabout PRO.
  • Infos: Workabout PRO - Pulster-FAQ- Data Sheet (Link).
  • Does not work with any pistol grip.
  • Suitable for Workabout G1,G2,G3 (7525C/S, 7527C/S, 7527C/S-G3), but not G4.
  • This scanner is the right choice for standard range, backplate installation and if you do NOT need a pistolgrip.
  • This scanner is the right choice if you need a light one and do not need pistol grip. Besides it has "adaptive Logic Technology", which allows to read damaged barcodes.
  • What you get: scanner module, screws and installation manual.
  • Genuine Psion product, USED condition, 1 year warranty, in stock, ready to ship.
  • Sold out for the moment.