Psion Zebra Workabout PRO G4 - 7528S - new

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  • New units sold out, used/nice ones in stock.
  • Psion Zebra Workabout PRO - Modell 7528S G4.
  • Model: latest generation G4 with numeric keyboard = only numbers keypad.
  • System: Windows CE 6 or Windows Mobile Handheld 6.5, please choose on top.
  • Links: Pulster-FAQ-Quick-Infos and Brochure and Specifications.
  • You can choose the needed scanner/imager/pistolgrip. Infos see FAQ please or just email us, we are happy to help. If you can find your config, please email us, we have ALL in stock, also GSM or RFID.
  • Condition: original NEW units, with 1 year warranty = free repair service.
  • What you get: new Workabout PRO G4 unit with stylus and new 4400mAh battery and your choosen scanner/pistol etc. - you receive the unit assembled ready to use !
  • New units sold out, used/nice ones in stock.