Psion Zebra Workabout PRO - Vehicle Cradle - WA1310-G2

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  • Psion Zebra Workabout PRO powered Vehicle Cradle.
  • Psion Art.No.: WA1310-G2 "Vehicle Cradle, 12V Powered - S - 9-20V input".
  • This cradle provides two options:
    1. charging the plugged Workabout PRO unit with the on-board power supply (DC in 9-20V, out 5V/2.1A),
    2. data communication with the port replicator (WA4005).
  • Solid construction for rough conditions (stabler, truck), unit has a firm fit. A release-button allows quick access to the unit.
  • Attaching the cradle to the vehicle we suggest RAM B 101 Mount (Psion Art.No. WA4006), power supply cables can be ordered as Art.No. CA1210.
  • The units can be docked also with installed handstraps or pistolgrips. Only cases have to be removed.
  • This cradle WA1310-G2 is working with numeric units only: 7525S, 7527S-G2, 7527S-G3, Zebra 7528S-G4 (alphanumeric cradle WA1210-G2 see on top).
  • What you get: Vehicle Cradle, no power cables included.
  • Genuine Psion Zebra factory new product, in stock, ready to ship.