Psion Zebra Workabout PRO adapter Tether - serial - WA4020-G2

Item number: -wap-wa4020-g2-

Category: Workabout PRO Cable & Adapter

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  • Psion Zebra Workabout PRO adapter - Tether to serial G2.
  • Psion Art.No.: WA4020-G2 "Cable, Tether Serial USB to RS232 converter".
  • This adapter will be plugged in the Tether-port of the Workabout PRO unit and allows to connect serial devices (DB9 RS232).
  • Also there is a adapter USB-to-serial (WA4015), which plugs in the USB port of the dockingstation.
  • Works only with Workabout PRO 7527C/S G2+G3 and 7528L/S-G4 (for 7525C/S G1 please order WA4020-G1).
  • Genuine Psion Zebra factory new product.
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