About us

How can I pay and receive my order ?



Postage 19 EUR
DHL Airmail insured + registered

Bank wire transfer or Paypal.


Postage 35 EUR
DHL Airmail insured + registered
Bank wire transfer or Paypal.

Do you have the offers in the shop in real stocks, ready to ship ?

YES, all products listed in the shop are in real, own stocks. We only offer and sell products we have available to ship. We ship to any country worldwide.

What happens with my order ?

Please complete the order form and press the Order button. A short time later you will receive an email with a confirmation of our shop-system that we received your order. If you have any questions or changes please reply to this email. Otherwise please be patient, soon we will confirm your order manually and we provide you all details about payment and shipping. Just relax and let us do the job :-)

How can I pay ?

Bank wire transfer: We will provide you IBAN / BIC. All prices listed in the shop include German taxes, but exclude shipping charges.

Paypal: We accept Paypal payments, you will receive the infos with the order process.

We can not offer Cash-on-delivery (COD) payments, direct CreditCard payments, any kind of cheques, Western Union nor cash.

What about taxes and duties ?

All prices quoted in the shop include all taxes, so there are no additional charges with the order - except shipping fees. If you order outside European community, please mind your local custom regulations.

Allow me to ask, is there any reason to worry about my order ?

We are a registered company located in Germany. We are more than 20 years online ! We have a lot returning customers. Honest business is the best.

How do you ship the goods ?

We ship with DHL parcel post. We have two simple rates: inside Europe 19 EUR, shipping worldwide 35 EUR. Please be aware this is standard DHL service, no DHL Express. So expect a delivery time of c.3 working days inside Europe, 5-10 working days worldwide. Please do not ask about tracking before that time, we can not trace your shipment before that periode. Every order is packed very carefully and we garantuee your order arrives in best working order on your door. All shippings are registered, in case of loss you will get a full refund from us.

How about warranty ?

We garantuee no product will be "death on arrival" (DOA). All new products have a warranty period of 2 years, all used/refurbished products 1 year. If you are not satiesfied with it, please email first. There is always a solution, we will find it together for sure !

What are your privacy policies ?

We use your address on the front side of the shipment. This helps the postman a lot to find your home :-) We hate commercial spam as well, so we keep any sensible data secure and safe.

How does a Premium customer looks like...

Order as much as you can pay, complain never , recommend us always :-)
Seriously, you spend some of your money at our products, so you could expect we give best value for it. We have to pay our bills, so please do likewise. Let's have fun together swapping goods with bucks. It's no blame to be a nice person.