Psion 7530 G2 handheld with narrowband

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  • Psion 7530 G2 - ultra rugged Handheld with IP67 ratin, with narrowband.
  • For sale: Unit 7530-G2, alphanumeric keyboard, color display with touchscreen, barcode scanner, bluetooth and narrowband.
  • The integrated Narrowband has fequency 450-470Mhz, 20Mhz channel spacing and 10hz PPL step. Please check if this works in your country.
  • Specification sheet - we have other 7530 variants in stock - please send E-MAIL.
  • Before ordering, please check in system summary your Narrowband frequency, channnel spacing and PPL step and email us.
  • What you get: handheld 7530-G2 unit without battery nor accessory, we suggest to order a new battery and a narrowband antenna with the unit.
  • Condition: checked and 100% working, some marks of usage otherwise very good condition, we restock the units from a major company. 1 year full warranty.