Psion EP10 Vehicle Mount - WA4006

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  • Psion EP10 Vehicle Mount made by RAM-mounts.
  • Psion Art.No.: WA4006 "Vehicle Mount RAM B 101".
  • This mount allows most flexible installation of the vehicle cradle. An ideal positioning of the EP10 is the key to efficient usability and best readability of the display.
  • This mount is made from solid aluminium and a quality product from RAM-Mounts USA.
  • Mount will be attached to vehicle with screws. Therefore we suggest this mount especially in any vehicle (stapler/truck), where the EP10 is influenced from vibrations.
  • Works with cradles RV1000 and RV1005.
  • EP10 - Pulster-FAQ
  • What you get: vehicle RAM-mount (without mounting screws).
  • Genuine Psion, new condition, in stock, ready to ship.