Psion Series 7 Memory Upgrade 16 MB RAM

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Category: Psion 7 = Netbook

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  • This is a memory upgrade card for your Psion Serie S7.
  • Instead slow CF-cards, this is true FAST RAM memory for internal usage.
  • It expands your memory for 16 MB, upgrading the Serie 7 to 32 MB.
  • If you work with a lot of applications at the same time, this will help to avoid "no memory left" error messages.
  • More infos with Google Translation please click here (link).
  • The installation is very easy. No soldering, no screwdriver necessary, you just need two left hands :-) . You will get a instruction for upgrading.
  • This 16 MB RAM DIMM works ONLY in Serie S7.
  • What you get: new 16 MB RAM upgrade with instructions.