Psion Workabout PRO - Radio WLAN - RA2041 - G2 + G3

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  • Psion Workabout PRO Radio card Wifi.
  • Psion Art.No: RA2041 "Radio Compact Flash 801.11b/g WLAN CCX direct sequence (DS)-extended range".
  • This wireless radio extension card comes in Compact Flash format. Very easy installation in the internal CF-slot of the Workabout PRO.
  • Specifications: IEEE 802.11g 54Mps OFDM Standard - external antenna, data encryption WPA2, low power consumption, quality network access. Certificated Cisco CCX3.
  • An included mechanical stop physically restrains internal extensions in place in case of shock loading.
  • Suitable only for Workabout PRO Generation G2 + G3 = 7527S/C, card is supported from WM- and CE-systems.
  • What you get: Radio WLAN Card with antenna.
  • Genuine Psion factory new product, in stock, ready to ship.