Psion Zebra Omnii - Rubber Boot Case - ST6083

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  • Psion Zebra Omnii - Rubber Boot Case.
  • Psion Art.No.: ST6080 - ST6085 "Accessory Rubber Boot".
  • This shell made from rubber protects Omnii units of fall-down-damage.
  • Scanner, Stylus and battery are still accessible. For charging in the docking it must be removed.
  • Rubber Case has two connections for shoulderstrap (order below for free).
  • Variants: ST6081 (grey) for units with Backcover-Scanners (ST97xx). Modell ST6082 (yellow) and ST6083 (grey) for units with Pod-Scannern (ST910x, ST920x). And Modell ST6084 (yellow) and ST6085 (grey) for units with End-cap scanner (ST93xx, ST94xx, ST95xx, ST96xx)
  • E-MAIL us for any help.
  • Suitable for all Psion Omnii Handheld XT10, XT15, RT15.
  • Info-Link: Omnii - Pulster-FAQ.
  • What you get: rubberboot case.
  • Genuine Psion , used/clean, in stock, ready to ship.
  • Stocks 2023: only ST6083 in stock.