Psion Zebra Omnii XT15f freezer - all variants

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  • Psion Zebra Omnii Handheld XT15f freezer - special cold chain handheld with heated scanner.
  • You can choose here all components you need. We are happy to help, please email us.
  • Scanner: please choose of standard scanner SE965 (ST9710) or long-range scanner SE1524ER (ST9711) or 2D Imager SE4600 (ST9716).
  • Keyboard: free choice of numeric 34keys (ST5014) or 58keys alphanumeric (ST5005).
  • System OS: Windows 6 or Windows Embedded HH 6.5.
  • Pistolgrip ST6500 works with all listed scanners/imager.
  • Info Link: Pulster-FAQ-Quick-Infos -- Specifications.
  • What you get: Psion Zebra XT15f freezer unit with special freezer battery (ST3002) and with the choosen components - delivered ready to use.
  • Condition: new unit.
  • With 1 year warranty (free repair service), in stock, ready to ship.
  • Special offer. Best price worldwide !