Psion Zebra Workabout PRO G4 - HSPA Radio - RA3051

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  • Psion Zebra Workabout PRO extension modul for HSPA - 7528 G4.
  • Psion Art.No.: RA3051 "HSPA + WAN expansion module".
  • This extension modul allows voice- and data- communication via 3.8G HSPA+ standard.
  • Easy installation on the xMod 100pin-socket, which is easily accessible removing backplate and topcap. The installed radio card is detected automatically, no driver needed.
  • Antenna is optimized for best reception, a modified endcap is included (can be ordered separately, see "endcap" section).
  • A simultaneous use with Bluetooth and WLAN/Wifi and RFID is possible.
  • Works with Workabout PRO Modell 7528C/S G4 only (not suitable for G1, G2, G3).
  • What you get: GSM modul, antennas (RA3052) and installation instructions. We also include the long endcap WA6212.
  • Stylus is blocked, so please consider to order external stylus WA6310.
  • Genuine Zebra factory new product, in stock, ready to ship.
  • Standard price 299 eur, at the moment special offer.